Peer Support

Peer support is designed to provide opportunities for people with disabilities to share their knowledge and lived experiences. Come to our center located at 125 Durham Street and you'll find people spending time together. Our members play cards, do puzzles, play bingo and more every week! Participate in our daily events, check out our calendar to learn more!

Recreational Programs

ILSM's Recreational and Social Programs are your community connection for recreation, leisure and entertainment. Our programs are professionally supervised and offer our members the chance to meet new people and have some fun in their community.

Dinner Club

Once a month our members partake in a Dinner Club, meeting at different restaurants in the city to enjoy a meal out with their fellow members.

Membership Committee

Our Membership committee gathers at the center to contribute ideas, concerns, feedbacks, suggestions, information, questions and to reach an agreement. Participate in discussions, socialize, and help set path to a better future at Independent Living Sudbury Manitoulin. We also hold membership meetings twice a month to discuss new ideas and activities for the center, and would love to hear from you!