Mission, Vision and Philosophy

The Independent Living movement is founded on the right of people with disabilities to: live with dignity in their chosen community: participate in all aspects of their life; and control and make decisions about their own life.


We want to make a lasting difference in the lives of people with disabilities. We foster an environment based on the Independent Living philosophy of self-determination and self-management; an environment where "everyone belongs." We support individuals with disabilities through peer-support, education, and leadership to encourage personal development, independence, and self-determination.


To enhance the vitality of our community by supporting the continued independence of people with disabilities and to encourage the pursuit of innovative projects alongside our community partners.


The philosophy of Independent Living is a social movement. By inviting the ongoing participation of our members in the development and creation of the centre's programming. Our staff create an integrated and supportive environment and provide positive role models for people who are working toward independence in the community.


We hope to have a positive impact on the lives of our members, and seek to promote different values through our center.

The main values include Accessibility, Choice, Control, Inclusion and Self Improvement. We also want to promote Diversity, Flexibility, Peer Support and Self Advocacy. Independent Living Sudbury Manitoulin wants it's members to have Socio-Economic Balance in their lives, and we do what we can to help our members achieve this.

Our mission, vision and philosophy all support these outcomes that we desire, and help to promote independence in our members.